Nikon Releases "Coopix A" DX-Format Compact Camera

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I often don't profile cameras on this site ,I try real hard to be well rounded when comes down to covering technology,the mantra of this site is simple,if its good useful tech and it impresses me,then its deserves some coverage.Nikon is busting down the doors with their latest CoolPix-A digital camera that has a 16.2 megapixel DX-format sensor which adds up to a  pretty impressive compact digital camera.The Nikon CoolPix-A  sensor within the camera is the same size that's in their high-end DSLR camera's.Instead of the "1" CX-format that is used in the "1" mirrorless cameras,the sensor now has been paired up with a fixed 18.5mm f2.8 prime lens which Nikon promises consumers will offer some very sharp excellent looking images and the blurred background that will be seen more as a expensive set of lenses.

The sensor is not as large as the one found within Sony's RX1,but it still trumps Sony's RX100 and is compatible with the Fujifilm X100s.This is no ordinary compact camera in terms of the price point,it comes at you at a very hefty $1099.95 price tag,but the features that's stored within the Coopix "A" sort of justify the enormous price point.If you want to include an optical viewfinder with the CoolPix-A it will cost you $449.96,this of course is a added accessory.Me of course is a big fan of camera tech,cameras like the Coopix "A" really impress me.If you're a big fan of cameras and the technology,would you pay a grand for this compact camera,drop your comment and box below.Also,if you want to see more cameras being profiled and reviewed on this site feel free to leave your comment below.



Source Credit: The Verge