Will The Next Mac Pro Include 2TB Of Solid State Storage?

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Last year around this time there were numerous rumors that Apple were discontinuing production of the Mac Pro desktop computer.Those who aren't familiar with Apple's own Mac Pro,it's their very expensive high end computer that many people in the video editing and software industry use as the workstation of choice.

The problem with the current Mac Pro is its using yesteryear hardware,especially when it comes to the graphic card.Fans of the Mac Pro are pondering the question as to will there ever be Mac Pro refresh,we've seen refreshes to all the other computer line from Apple.
Ponder no longer folks,according to rumor,Apple will be unleashing a 2 TB SSD Mac Pro later on this year.Count em,2 TB of solid state storage,a 500 GB SSD in todays market cost in upwards of about $400, so basically what I'm driving at is the Mac Pro refresh will pretty much equate to a very expensive machine,the current Mac Pro with option top of the line hardware costs $4,000.There is no specification on what other type hardware will be included in the Mac Pro refresh since this is just rumors running wild.
Would you get the pending new Mac Pro were more than likely it'll cost a notes ransom to purchase? Leave your comment in the box below.
Credit Source: "Mac Rumors"