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Asus Raises The Curtains And Unveils The GTX 670 DirectCU Mini Graphic Card

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Asus has just taken the wraps off yet another graphic card,not just any graphic card,but the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini,its a compact constructed board that is made specifically for mini-iTX gaming machines.A quick note on small factor gaming rigs,you are starting to see many gaming computer manufacturers incorporating high end hardware into a compact chassis,Alien and Origin PC come to mind when mentioning small factor computers.It seems there is a huge market for gaming rigs that are compact in design.The GTX DirectCU Mini plays right into the hands of small factor computing, what about hardware on this graphic card,can it handle high intense gaming? You bet your ass it can.

Despite its small stature that measures 17.5cm it packs a wallop, it features a 1,344 CUDA cores from a GK104 Kepler GPU,2GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus, and it supports up to four displays natively through dual-DVI,HDMI and Displayports outputs.The graphic card surprisingly has a pretty unique cooling system,it has Asus owns DirectCU heatsink and a  custom design single fan vapour-chamber based cooling system.Despite the graphic cards short length and compact dimension,the cooling feature still takes up two PCIe slots.

There is no detail on price point because the graphic card is still in the prototype stage,Asus is still making tweaks and testing prior to the graphic cards launch.So basically it would be awhile before the GTX 670 DirectCU Mini hits the market since  no mass production yet on the schedule.

When the GTX 670 DirectCU Mini finally launches,it will run into some pretty stiff competition with Zotac which has its own mini-ITX Nvidia GeForce 670 which was release to market in June of 2012,it uses a mod TwinCooler heatsink that features two 80mm fans.I'm sure once the graphic card finally release to market,hardware geeks will run benchmarks and reviews so stay tune.




Credit Source: AnandTech

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