Dell Unveils Its Newest 18-inch Hybrid Desktop-Tablet

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Yesterday at SXSW,Dell unveiled the full featured XPS All-One 18-inch Windows 8 hybrid tablet-desktop that weighs under five pounds.

Is it the first hybrid system to grace the market? No. There's the Sony Vaio Tap 20 which measures in at 20-inches (Hence the name Tap 20).Where the XPS 18 make big gains over the Tap 20 is weight,Sony Tap weighs in at a hefty 11.5 pounds,compared to the 5 pound with the XPS 18.

Even though I question the XPS 18 portability,the device itself looks rather slick,my other question is its size,at 18-inches is the XPS 18 considered to be a tablet or a full fledged touch screen laptop.The XPS 18 will definitely take full advantage of Windows 8,the perfect marriage.

I haven't gotten any details on hardware specs,but you know the drill,soon as I do,an entry on the XPS 18 hardware will soon follow.






Credit Source: The Verge~~