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Hack Alert: Microsoft Releases The Latest USB Patch

File-It-Under Bad guy cyber attacks By: D.F.Skinner!~  




Seems like the bad guy hacks are getting crafty and aggressive with their cyber attacks nowadays,aren't they. Currently,There's a wide spread vulnerability taking place that will allow hackers to stick a thumb drive into your computer,whether logged on or off type out a code that can grab all of your data from your computer,damn.

In efforts to stopping this sort of attack,Microsoft has issued its latest software patch which happens every Tuesday of the month.The fix for this vulnerability is dubbed the MS13-027,this is the actual software patch guys.

This sort of vulnerability attack let the bad guys actually compromises your computer with a thumb drive and overtake your administrative privileges.

If you haven't patched computer already with the latest Microsoft update,do so now.Quick note: you are more prone to having this sort of attack place if you're in a public setting,like a coffee shop that has WiFi access or the public library.Most people have a bad habit of leaving their computers unattended.Don't leave your computer unattended is the moral this this story.

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