Kingston Celebrates 10 Years Of Service With A 16GB DDR3-2400 RAM

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To commemorate 10 years of service to us consumers,Kingston has just released a limited edition Hyper X brand memory stick.The specs on the memory stick goes as follows,16GB of RAM space,with a 2400 MHz clock speed,a timing count at 11-13-13-30,this all adds up to a blazing fast memory kit that is said to have great performance to match the RAM's speed.The design has compact heat spreaders,compact enough that you can get around installing RAM in a tightly confined motherboard space that is often compromised by today's large CUP socket.

According to TechPowerUp testing,the DIMM seems to run all out at stock speed,when upping the voltage it increases RAM speed to 2468MHz,all while being under stable conditions.

Kingston is selling the 16GB Hyper X RAM at a $160 price point which isn't bad at all,but once again this a limited edition,so run out and get it now.




Source Credit: PCPerspective~