A Windows Blue Sitting Online,Yes There's A Leak

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So here we have it,Windows Blue has appeared online,yes folks,we have a leak in progress,and guess what,this leak of Windows Blue may be accessible via download.According to various reports around the world wide web,you might be able to download the unreleased Windows Blue operating system on to your machine.The leaked build 9364 was posted on a file sharing site earlier today,according to Neowin,the 32-bit edition is made available in a 2.63GB ISO file download,it likely hit the web from a Microsoft partner located in France.Now from the images that's posted online,Windows Blue has some notable adjustments that includes a larger and smaller Live Tile which enables a bit more Start screen customizing,along with an updated side-by-side app view,this increases multitasking efficiency by displaying two apps with matching widths.Other noted additions include a Play option that's located under the Devices panel,a screenshot button that's on the Share side bar,and Internet Explorer that comes packaged with the new OS.If you don't believe that there's such a leak,just take a look at the images below.

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Not convince that there's a Windows Blue leak online,there's also video evidence via YouTube,check out the video on the bottom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OPCW6ozaM0]