Is The HTC One The Best SmartPhone On The Planet?Lets Explore

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Everyone has said it,websites have raved about it,tech pundits have laid claim to the HTC One being the best smartphone on the market,bar none.Is the HTC One the best mobile device on the planet? Judging from all the writes ups I've read, you damn right it is,just looking at the device is enough to say this is the best mobile device of 2013 thus far .What makes this smartphone the best of the best,lets take a quick look at  the features and hardware and see it the raved reviews are justified.


The unibody and design on the HTC One is beautifully made,slick all aluminum back,there are smartphones on the market that have the same all aluminum rear,case in point,the iPhone 5,but the HTC One gets it right because of its thinness.The display is a true wide screen 4.7-inch 440ppi LCD HD display from side to side,top to bottom.Love the very thin bezel on the edge of the smartphone.


The speakers on the HTC One is designed perfect,in fact the HTC One in my opinion has set the standard as to how speakers should be design on a mobile device.Its place on the top and bottom which in turn delivers quality sound.


The camera on the HTC One is pretty unique,its unique in that though it uses a low amount of pixels at 4MP,it uses a much larger camera sensor,2x larger than the iPhone 5.It has larger pixels which HTC is dubbing as the Ultrapixels,which helps ensure much better signal to noise ratio,which in turns improves the camera's ability to improve low light performance.