Explanation Needed: Facebook Home

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What is the hottest topic in tech today that is not name Apple,or Samsung,you would probably think its a new unveiled smartphone or another tablet joining crowd of many tablets.That new much talked about thing in tech is Facebook Home,what exactly is Facebook Home? Lets examine this.

FaceBook Home is basically an Android app that replaces your smartphone's home screen and your locked screen with Facebook's News Feed.Sadly though this app is not available for the iPhone,which is rather weird for an app of this magnitude. The app itself does not mimic the traditional Facebook page that we are used to seeing,it has a pretty decent looking interface that's to me is rather stunning.


There are three main features in Facebook Home Page that needs to be mentioned.There is the Cover Feed which fills your locked screen with a flowing look at your newsfeed and puts it in a image format and text. There is the Chat Heads feature which enables Facebook users to chat with people on your friends list in a polished more updated messenger without switching to a actual text app.All of your Fcaebook messaging is done right there on your  home screen. Finally we have the App Launcher, since FaceBook Home has taken over your home screen one will have to use a app or two if needed.This is where App Launcher comes in,simply drag your profile picture around the screen to the apps section of the smartphone,from there you can access your apps.


Once again if you going to give Facebook Home a try and you on a Android platform then you are in luck,iOS user though no such luck.