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Weekly Rant Presents:Apple Its Time We SD Card Slot Our Mobile Devices

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I love all of my iOS devices, in particularly my iPad 3,iPhone 5,both  are great device,though lately I've had my doubts about iOS 6 and is leaning towards getting my first Android device,but none to less I still love Apple mobile devices,but that's neither here or there.Apple devices are a killer when it comes to design,very sleek,smooth build,yet simple and recognizable.So with that said,beautiful design and all,my biggest gripe with iOS devices aside from the poor battery life in the iPhone 5,is simple,why oh why isn't there a SD card slot on any of Apple's mobile devices.Hell why not just institute a SD card slot in all of Apple products (computers included).If you look at your run of the mill Android device what do you see,right a SD card slot.

Currently both Apple's iPhone and iPad  have 16GB,32GB and 64GB as the capped out storage,but wouldn't it be cool to add extra storage simply by purchasing a SD card and slide it right into our devices for added storage,again may I remind you that Android devices have SD card slots.Nowadays you can purchase a SD card with 32GB in storage capacity for a mere price of $10.00,whoa.Its a shame that Android devices are allowed extra SD storage  yet Apple won't even consider instituting a SD card.There is a reason for this,yes everything has a reason.

The reason for this is simple,its all business and money folks.Apple wants consumers to spend extra cash for extra storage,its all economics people,you want more storage,buy a new device.Believe or not,the average iOS user will tend to lean towards buying a device at 16GB of storage because of the reasonable price point.In reality when you buy your new pristine iPhone,you don't always start off with the storage that's advertise,settings,default apps we know depletes your capacity.So if you want more storage on your new iPad or iPhone sadly you'll have to buy a new device,ouch.


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