Toshiba Unveils A 13.3-Inch $1600 Ultrabook

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Remember the days when Toshiba laptops came in a form of cheap low end flimsy system,yet affordable for consumers who did't want to break the pockets for a new computer.For every 10 laptops you'll see floating around, 6 are Toshiba laptop owners.As years passed with declining PC sells,Toshiba are suffering big  in the doldrums of a lagging PC market. Things are about to change with Toshiba in a big way,they are following in the footsteps of Apple's own Retina display Macbook and Google's Chromebook Pixel Chrome by unveiling  their version 13.3-inch high-DPI Ultrabook they are dubbing the KIRAbook. The KIRAbook has an amazing 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution which is standard in most high-end 27 -inch monitor today,but with the KIRAbook,this high pixel package is squeezed into a 13.3-inch display.

What's so neat about this particular Windows 8 Ultrabook you are afforded a choice between a touch and non-touch systems.It weighs just under 3-pounds at 2.6-pounds to be specific, which is very light,lighter than the Macbook Air which comes in at 2.30 pounds. The hardware specs is pretty vague,but various websites are reporting that the KIRAbook will ship to consumers with a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and your choices of a i5 and i7 processor,the KIRAbook is running on third generation Ivy Bridge CPU.

The Ultrabook's unibody will be constructed in a magnesium alloy which is much stronger than aluminum alloy and will encase a "high capacity" Li-Polymer battery,there are reports that tests have proved that the laptop can last an entire day on charge,which is pretty impressive.

The KIRAbook will have a starting price point at $1600,with an option to boost your hardware which will top out at $2000.It will be available for pre-orders on May 3 and for actual purchase on May 12th through outlets which will include Amazon, and B&H.