Asus Unveils A ROG Brand PCI Express SSD

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Asus make everything from computers to routers,even throw in a keyboard,mouse and soundcards. If it goes into a computer or has computer functionality,Asus makes it. Surprisingly though Asus has never gone into the storage market,yes,not one single Asus manufactured hard drive on the market,that is until now. Asus has just constructed its very first hard drive and it comes in a form of a 2.5-inch SATA model SSD,but this is no ordinary SSD storage drives that you'er used to seeing today,Asus decided build a PCI express product under the Republic of Gamer's brand. An PCIe solid stated drives are starting to become common place nowadays,they are easy to install you,don't have to deal with installing cables which can obstruct can obstruct airflow of course,just stick the drive into the PCIe slot and the computer will read it as an actual storage device,in fact,you can used this particular drive as your main bootup device.

The details of this particular drive is quite scarce,but several blogs are saying that the drive is capable of delivering 830MB/s read speed and 810MB/s write speed,the drive also features Toshiba's own MLC NAND controller,no price point or release date from Asus as of yet,stay tune for further update.