Goolge Now is On iOS,Huh?

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As I surf the Internet yesterday as usual,not because its not only a casual passion,but its part of my job you know,anyway various tech websites were saying this as the top headlines: "Google Now is on iOS" whoa.Even better,the application is now available for download,more whoa!.So I took the liberty in downloading this app and right away I said RIP Siri. Google Now in my opinion from my few minutes of usage trumps Siri by a wide margin,where Siri falls short and Google Now gain is software interaction,not only can you talk to the software,but you can also interact with it by swiping a series of deck cards interface. Mention the word lets say Apple,a series of websites will come up,and you can scroll down and swipe to images,related articles and stock quotes.

Google Now is basically an intelligent personal assistant that automatically presents the users information based on your location,search history.Google Now is now ready for download in iOS app store for both the iPhone and iPad,go ahead,check it out,will this replace your Siri?