Meet The Asus MX279H Monitor

File-It-Under: Thin Bezel displays By: D.F.Skinner!~  




You know why I love Asus,they make just about everything cool from PC's to smartphones, they make these devices with sheer quality and sexy design.Speaking of which,I want you guys to meet the new Asus MX279H monitor,well this not an entirely new monitor,this particular monitor has been on the market since early January,but when I saw this monitor on the web just had text about it.

The star feature of the Asus MX279H is its design,very thin bezel which gives the illusion that the monitor itself has no borders.If you look at the monitor from a distance,it almost resembles the current generation iMac which also has a very thin bezel.Could this be the be all trend for monitors to come future in terms of design,stay tune.Let's get down with it to the features,the widescreen MX279H comes in at 27-inches with a metallic stand,1920 x 1080 recommended resolution,a 178'(h) / 178'(v) viewing angles,it has a panel IPS,a 80,000,00: 1 contrast ratio,16.7 million display colors,most important,it has a  LED backlight. Probably the one thing that is less attractive is the display itself does not have a glossy finish,unlike what you'er used to seeing from most monitors today on market. Asus explains that the reason for the non-gloss finish is to make the monitor less resistant to finger prints.

On the connection front,the Asus MX279H has a Analog RGB,Digital input video compatibility  a D-sub and HDMI connectors, in total it has, 1 D-SUB,2-HDMI ports,surprisingly though and a big shock,there is no DVI port which explains the HDMI to DVI cabl that's included in the content package(more on the content package in a few). Like most high end displays today,you're starting to see built-in speakers on the bottom of the monitor, in the case with the MX279H you have same the built-in style speakers placed on the bottom of the monitor.The packaging contents  contains your basic VGA cable,audio cable,power cord,HDMI to DVI cable and more importantly a power adapter.The power adapter makes up for the lack of a power supply that's usually built within the monitor itself which explains the thin build.

In conclusion,probably the biggest drawback to Asus MX279H monitor is its lack of connector ports,usually high-end monitors of magnitude you would expect to see an abundance of connector ports.What about the price point,the Asus MX279H is no run of the mill budget priced monitor,expect to pay $349 and its available at your major electronic and PC outlets such as New Egg,Amazon and TigerDirect.