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Two Must Have Headphones For Under $100:The Klipsch Image S4i and The Audio-Technica ATH-M30

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Who said you have to have expensive,overpriced headphones to appreciate great sound,yes,I'm calling you out Beats By Dre,Bose,the overpriced headphones that seem to be status quo,the must have audio gear.Well how about if I told you there's headphones at their that have great sound and guess what,you don't have to pay a notes ransom to appreciate good sound in your ears,and guess what,these headphones are under $100.That's right,there are headphones out there that's under $100 yet still get the same audio quality that's close to the expensive headsets.The Klipsch Image S4i and Audio-Technica ATH-M30 we'll be the focal point of this entry because 1:I actually own these headphones and 2: The audio quality is straight awesome.But first,let us talk about the Audio-Technica ATH-M30 shall we.


The Audio-Technica ATH-M30

Now these aren't the Audio-Technica ATH M50'S which is an upgrade in sound quality that you can get with a bang for the buck (Under $200 I might add, but we'll talk about M50's in a later entry),but hey the idea of this little project is to purchase decent sounding headphone for under $100,the Audio-Technica ATH M30 are decent sounding headphones and is one of the best sounding over-ear headphones you can get under $100,in fact you can get these headphones for under $50,I myself paid $44.95 from Amazon.com.What about the sound? At first I had strong reservations about the ATH M30,the sound just didn't do it for me,but what do you expect from a $44 pair of headphones.But as time went on and the drivers started burn though the headphones,I notice the highs and lows with the sound started balances out pretty well,in fact these are not bad sounding headphones. I never if rarely use over the over-ear headphones for my portable devices like the iPhone or iPad unless I'm traveling long distance.I mainly use these headphone for the computers,be it watching a movie or listening to music.


When listening to music,the sound is pretty decent with a little bit of audio EQ level adjustment on the computer or iPhone,remember I must again remind you that these aren't sound isolating headphones so you may have to creep the sound volume a little louder if you'er in a noisy setting.Then again,you have to remember these aren't the M50's where the sound on those particular headphones are just about perfect.Once again,I must remind you,these headphones are under $50 dollars so if you're looking for sound perfection,you'll have to drop the extra bucks,but for price of these headphones the sound isn't bad at all.




The Klipsch Image S4i

Now these in-ear bud headphones are absolutely the best in-ear headphones I have purchased to date,case close.I been through my share of  in-ear headphones over the years,Bose,Shure,and probably the worst of the worst Dr Dre's Tours.None comes close to the Klipsch Image S4i and those ear buds are a lot more expensive than the S4i.I also got these headphones from Amazon for $52.95,I'm very surprise that they still have these headphones in stock.They fit perfectly in your ears without always fiddling around with your ear-buds for proper adjusting.Now with that sound, absolutely perfect (at least to my ears) it has perfectly balance sound,nice highs and lows,the S4i also has the very balance Bass level,not to much Bass or to little Bass,just perfect.I always say,too much Bass in sound is not always quality sound. As far as sound isolation goes,I absolutely hear no back ground noise entering my ears while the music is on,its just me,the ears and my music.You can even crank up the volume to high while the device is in your ears and people close to you won't hear sound coming from the ear buds,complete silence.


The only minor drawbacks and believe me its minor,the cable has a tendency to get very tangled when placed in your pockets,the cable itself though is made of %100 rubber which makes the cable very flexible and less prone to wire shortage.The other drawback is the 3-button iPhone/iPad control doesn't always work when you first plug the headphones into your device,I found myself unplugging and plugging the headphones back in in order for me to get the 3-button volume control to work.Once working,the volume control works to perfection,the microphone portion of the 3-button control works pretty decent,though the microphone has a tendency to rub against your shirt which blocks out your voice when talking on the iPhone.

All in all,these are in my opinion the best under $50 must have headphones that's on the market.Would you sacrifice big bucks to appreciate good sound,or would you go the budget route yet still get the same level of quality sound.Leave your comments in the box below,tell me what would you do.

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