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Octa-Core Nexus 11 Tablet Rumor?

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The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 to date are Google's most popular native devices ,the Nexus 7 alone set the standard for how a 7-inch tablet should be made, arguably the best 7-inch tablet on the market.Now there is a heavy rumor floating out there that Google is about to reveal to the public a 11-inch table,the Nexus 11.According to SamMobile website,the Nexus 10 successor will be a high-end 11" that is rumored to have,are you ready for this,a Octa-core Exynox 5410 processor with a Super PLS TFT display, and a 8MP rear with a 2MP front facing camera.The pending device is also rumored to have support for a MicorSD expansion slot,but the keyword is pending.

Along the Nexus 11 rumors,there will be other released tablets from the Galaxy tablet ecosystem,there will be a dual-core dual-slim Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0 that will have a 7-inch display that will have a max 1024 x 600 resolution, a quad-core (Exynox 4412) Galaxy Tab 8.0 that will show off an 8-inch full HD display,and finally a dual-core (Exynox 5250) variant of a Nexus 11 call a Galaxy Tab 11.

That's a lot of pending rumored products coming from Google which remains to be seen.With these pending rumors,will it entice your choice to get a Nexus tablet?Leave your comments in the box.



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