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The Snowball Blue USB Microphone: My Quick Take

File-It-Under: Audio capturing devices  By: D.F.Skinner!~  



Let's face,it time I start making YouTube video's,create a YouTube channel,an extension of this website (Which you can look for it in the near future).I'm a  need of a quality microphone that will record crystal clear audio.But here's the thing,I don't want to pay the big bucks for a microphone.I initially wanted to get the the Blue Spark Condenser Cardiod Microphone,but the price is rather um pricey at $178 on Amazon's website.I'm facing a major dilemma here,if I want to produce quality YouTube video's (or podcast),I'm going to need quality microphone without dropping the big bucks,a hard feat? No,in comes the Blue Microphone Snowball.


Not only is the Blue Microphone Snowball is the mic for me,I ended up getting it at a reasonable price from yes,my tech shopping center of choice lately Amazon.com for $63.99,not bad when the microphone was originally $99.00. How the does the microphone perform?Upon further review and usage,the microphone performs well as needed.Before we get in depth in performance,lets quickly look at the features.The Snowball Blue Microphone uses a USB output that enables a direct integration with both your laptop and desktop computer,which allows for good  audio quality recording.It has a dual capsule design that incorporates an omnidiectional and cardioid microphone operations mode,the microphone is encased in a Electret condenser,it has a response bandwidth that measures at 40-18000 Hz.It of course you already know,it uses a USB connector type,the connecting wire is heavily shielded.


Now about the performance,the Snowball Blue Microphone performs considerably well being that this is my first high end microphone.Its extremely sturdy with a bit of style added to the mic,it plugs right directly into your computer with little difficulty,it basically works right out of the box.I would love to have seen more outputs with the Blue,it only has one USB jack,how about a audio jack.I'm not a big fan of software bundles,in fact I usually find no uses if it and toss it in the junk draw.But in the case of the Snowball Blue,including a recording software would have been beneficial.All in all,the Blue picked up sound very well,I can actually stood 5 feet away from the microphone and it still captures sound without any distortion.

Bottom line,at this affordable price it is hard to find a better out the box,easy to use microphone on the market.Is it a studio microphone,no way,but sure it is useful and sufficient for my needs.



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