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The Asus Intel Z87 Motherboard Lineup

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A couple of days ago,Asus,the company I love so much because they just make cool stuff, introduced to the general public a couple of nice looking Intel motherboards that falls in the  z87 ecosystem.  Asus mainstream motherboard lineup includes the following , The Republic of Gamers better known as (ROG),the other being The Ultimate Force motherboards (TUF).

06-GRYPHON Z87_0

The ROG lineup will include the Maximus VI Extreme, the Maximus VI Formula, the Maximus VI Gene, and the Maximus VI Hero.All of the ROG motherboards will feature its signature black and red color scheme which is common with all ROG motherboards. Asus will include the SuperemeFX audio chip and their Sonic Radar on-screen overlay technology. If you don't know what Sonic Radar is its a in-game overlay that gamers can use to accurately target games-based sound sources.When it comes to motherboard power,Asus includes a 60amp-rated backwing chokes and a NexFET MOSFETS with 90% of power efficiency operation. This type of component setup is said to reduce on-board temperature by as much as 5 degrees. Asus also has instituted a OC panel for its Maximus VI Extreme board.The panel includes a display that can be mounted within your 5.25" drive bay or you can place it externally for real time voltage and temperature monitoring.


The TUF line motherboards includes two boards,the Sabertooth z87  and the Gryphon z87. The Gryphon is Asus  micro-ATX  which is said to bring reliable power to the TUF line of motherboards. The Sabertooth edition comes with its signature full board Asus Armor overlay as well as a Fortifier full board backplate. The Fortifier back-plate offers a sturdy support to the motherboard which decreases the board from stress related bending.

Currently you can only get these motherboards through pre-orders only,there is no release date from Asus at this moment,but then again I could be wrong,as soon as I get conformation on a date,I will most certainly write an update to this entry.


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