The Xbox 720 Expected To Be Revealed Tomorrow: Five Things I Want To See On The Xbox 720

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Tomorrow on May 21,Microsoft is expected to announce its next generations gaming console,the XBOX 720,yeah,you will still play video games on it,but Microsoft seems to be taking the famed gaming console into a sort of set top box direction which has me raising a eyebrow,but we'll expand on my opinion once we get the full details on the gaming console after its unveiling. The Xbox 720 is said to be a total entertainment system,with the Xbox TV being part of the whole Xbox experience.In terms of hardware,the Xbox 720 will come close to the PS4,like the PS4 the Xbox 720 is said to have the same 8-core 64-bit Jaguar AMD processor with a 1.6GHz core cock speed,coupled with a AMD APU which will be on the same die.We won't know the hardware specifics until tomorrow once the gaming console is reveal to the world.With that said,what are you hoping,or what do you want to see on the Xbox 720,I myself came up with a list of 5 things I want to see on the Xbox 720,here goes.

1:Its Time For Blu-Ray

Its no secret the main reason many PS3 owners went out and bought the gaming console in the first place because of its ability to play Blu-Ray movies.Even today,consumers would rather have a Blu-Ray player on a gaming console as appose to purchasing a separate device. Having the Xbox 720 with Blu-Ray would be a big selling point with consumers and give serious competition to Sony's PS4.

2:Cross platform gaming

I know there's the Xbox SmartGlass,but there aren't to many games that supports SamrtGlass,plus in my experience in using the technology I found it to be somewhat complicated in its usage.I would love to see an NVIDIA Grid like technology with the new Xbox 720 where I can play the game on the gaming console,pick right up where I left off and play it on my computer.How about this,even play that very same game it on a mobile device without missing a beat.Yeah,take that NVIDIA grid.

3: Get rid of the Kinect

Yes,I said it,do away with the Kinect,serious gamer's like myself have no use for motion based gaming.Leave the technology to the die hard Wii users,call me old fashion but I want total control playing games with my controller,next.

4: Better cooling out the box

Remember when the Xbox 360 first hit the market back in 2005,all was well until you had the dreaded "Ring of Death" popping up all over the place,gaming consoles where either crashing during game play or rendered useless. There were numerous Xbox 360's ending up at a garbage dumpster near you,all of this due to improper cooling of hardware.It took Microsoft a couple of years before they got it right with a better system cooling.Let's hope Microsoft has learn its lesson and have a system run stable right out the box.

5: Gaming experience on par with the PC

It's no secret that playing any game on a PC is a better gaming experience than playing on a gaming console,especially when playing games that have high intense graphics.Now the pending hardware on the Xbox 720 should allow you to have to same gaming experience that you have on a PC.Lets just hope that Microsoft sticks to the rumors and have the hardware to accomplish such task.




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