The Xbox One:Here's What You Need Know,The Break Down

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So the new generation Xbox has come upon us and unlike Sony which displayed a phantom gaming console when they announced the PS4,Microsoft actually produced an actual physical gaming console where people can actually see it (Slight jab at Sony,yes). Based on all the information I've gathered so far,Microsoft pretty much aligned with all the rumors in terms of features and hardware, with the exception of the name,Microsoft is calling their next generation gaming console the Xbox One,yes The One,not Xbox 720,a name that's been floating around the Internet for the past couple of months.Without trying to create a dramatic lead in,lets get down to business,what do you need to know about the Xbox One.


 The One Hardware~

Microsoft just came right out and took the wraps off the Xbox One by being very detailed with what type of hardware will be implemented within their system.Microsoft and AMD the chip maker have partner up to produce a 40 nanometer chip with an 8-core processor combine with a GPU that will power up the One.On the storage front it will have 8GB of RAM,a 500GB hard drive,on the connection side of things,the Xbox One will feature a USB 3.0 port and will be WiFi direct with a 802.11n wireless standard. Now I'm rather confused and trying to figure out  will the Xbox One have a built in Ethernet jack,from all accounts I think it will not,you will have to sync your console with your wireless router for Internet connection.Now if you're thinking that this gaming system is just for games,you guessed wrong,I mean if you look at the current Xbox 360,users more than ever are using the console for total entertainment,streaming videos,playing music and downloading apps.So its no surprise that Microsoft is taking the gaming console into a set-top box direction by featuring a HDMI pass-through so that the console can be stationed between cable or satellite box and your  TV.


The controller will resemble the current Xbox 360 variant,but there is indeed change.Included with the new D-pad will be vibrating motor in the trigger buttons, as well as slight change in the design body which makes the battery pack more fitted with the rest of the controller.

The Xbox Kinect motion sensing device for the Xbox One is shown during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond

What about the Kinect,yes there will be a Kinect and it will come with the Xbox One instead of buying the device separately. The Kinect sensor will have a 1080p camera sensor and will have the ability to shoot 60 frames per second.The camera will be so accurate,it will be able to  read your heartbeat all while observing you exercise, and will notice how well balanced you are.The new Kinect will have a 60% field of view which will allow the camera to capture more objects in the frame.


On To The Software Front~

Microsoft will coincide the Xbox One with the Xbox On software which will use the new Kinect sensor and its voice and hand recognition to allow users to perform certain amount of commands without using a controller.Here's the thing which is amazing,you can even have the ability power the console on using your voice ,as well as even switch through the consoles apps which will also include watching live TV and movies.You can even jump  right into your games simply by using your voice.You can navigate the user interface by using a Minority Report-like hand gestures.The question that needs to be answered is will the Xbox One be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games,the answer is no,though the Xbox will already have a list games already lined up for the new console,you are out of luck if you want play your current games on the new system.


What About The Games And Apps~

The Xbox One already have several developers and publishers onboard,EA Sports which showed off its FIFA 14 during the event as well as new additions to Madden,NBA Live and UFC. There will also be a new Forza installment and a new concept that will combine live action TV and gaming all rolled up in one package which will be called the Quantum Break.The live action interactive titles will be Halo television series and Activision will have their version of the  live action gaming series Call of Duty Ghosts.

The Release Date

Microsoft did not give specifics on the release date but they said it will hit the market later on this year.I'm banking that Microsoft will stick to tradition and release it to market right before the holiday season.That is right around the same time Sony is expected to release the PS4. Which console will hit the store first,that remains to be seen.Microsoft will reveal to the public more on the Xbox One at this years E3 2013 which is schedule to take place next month.