The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780:The GTX Titans Minnie Me

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A few months back,NVIDIA introduced to the world a single GPU graphic card,it has a GK110 GPU and one big ass 6GB frame buffer,that graphic card is the GeForce GTX  680 Titan which is dubbed the fastest single GPU graphic card on the planet,it has been popular among the hardware geeks like myself every since its been released to market.For months many hardware pundits were wondering when will we ever see a smaller and cheaper version graphic card that's built on the GK110 GPU platform.Well the time has come,NVIDIA this week unveiled the GeForce GTX 780,I call it the GTX Titan Minnie me because the two cards are a mirror of each other except one is bigger than the other.

The Gefore GTX 780 is basically a scaled down version of the GTX Titan that runs on the same GK110 GPU platform,it has a scaled down but still hefty memory coming in at 3GB. Probably the most impressive thing about the  GeForce GTX 780 is the graphic card itself is not lacking in performance,its probably a step below the GTX 680 Titan,lets take a look at the rest of the specs and features shall we.



Spec Sheet~

You already know that that GTX 780 has 3GB of dedicated memory (3075MB GDDR5 to be exact),but on the processor side if things,the GTX 780 has a single precision 2304 Cuda Core count,12 streaming multiprocessors,863MHz base clock,900MHz boost clock,1536K L2 cache size,384-bit memory Interface,its connectors consist of 2 x Dual-Link DVI , 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort,dual-slot form factor,8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors with a 600 watts power recommendation.


GeForce Experience Software~

What NVIDIA has done is pretty unique,they bundled the GTX 780 with the GeForce Experience software,you might think this might its crapware that  NVIDIA is pushing on its consumers,but its not.The GeForce Experience software is bundled with NVIDIA's GeForce drivers that'll make easy access for gamers to optimize performance of games according to  system configuration.The goal of the software is to streamline the user optimization process by leveling out the performance data in NVIDIA's own database,instead of users having to depend on separate games to handle such tasks.


In conclusion~

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 is no doubt a beast of a graphic card with cutting edge features,performs well and according to the videos I've seen it runs exceedingly quiet. Scaled down version of the GTX Titan an all,If you think for one minute that this graphic card is cheap in price,guess again,we're talking $600 here.So here's the thing,if you don't won't to pay a $1,000 for the GTX Titan,you have next best option of spending $600 on the GTX 780 which in reality is not necessarily a budget option. The graphic card is sitting on New Egg's website waiting for purchase.