The HP Spectre XT TouchSmart NoteBook

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I'd be the first one to tell you that touch screen laptops are a bad combo,I mean you either have a laptop or a tablet,combing the two into one seems rather awkward and makes no sense.Seeing the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart has somewhat changed my mind on  how I feel touchscreen notebooks.First,let me give you brief  reason why I'm not to fond of touchscreen notebooks,its all about stability.When you go into touch and swipe mode on the notebook,the display portion of the notebook have a innate tendency to shake,and shake,and more shaking.With that said though the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart is a beautifully crafted notebook that takes on a MacBook Air design.


The Specs

This is a $1,400 notebook which falls in the high end category,but the does the hardware within the HP Spectre XT justify the hefty price point?Lets take a peak under the hood and examine the hardware.The Spectre XT TouchSmart comes with a HP's own 1886 motherboard, an Intel Core i7-3517U Ivy-Bridge processor with a 2.39GHz base clock speed, 32.0KB of L1 Cache 256KB of L2 Cache and 4.00 MB of L3 Cache.Onto memory,the HP Spectre XT comes with 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM with a 799MHz clock speed. Surprisingly though the Spectre XT TouchSmart has a 500GB (5400RPM) spinning hard drive which is somewhat uncommon with notebooks of its potential caliber,for its expensive price tag,HP should have gone with the solid state drive,just saying.



 The Features and Design

The design of the notebook is MacBook Air inspired decked out in a aluminum and silver finish with its signature logo dressed up in silver.The notebooks unibody is very compact and thin in design,again Macbook inspired which is starting to become standard among high end notebooks today.The display measures in at 15.6-inches with a full HD IPS display that comes in at a 1920 x 1080 resolution,this of course is a fully Touchscreen capable display.There is a webcam,specifically a HP TrueVision HD webcam with a dual integrated microphone.Looking over at the side of the HP Spectre XT TouchSmart,you'll find a single Ethernet jack right along with a full-sized HDMI port,a Thunderbolt port and 2- USB 3.0 ports.On the left side of the port,you have a full size SD card slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack,and one USB 2.0 port.The star of the show though is the built in speakers on the HP Spectre XT,not just any ordinary speakers,but BeatsAudio is constructed right on top of the keyboard.Speaking of which,the notebook has the standard back lit illuminated keyboard.



On The Software Front

The HP Spectre XT TouchSmart comes with of course a Windows 8 64-bit edition which fits just right with this notebook when dealing with Metro UI tile,I mean that's what the OS was made for in the first place,touch screen.Aside from the operating system,the HP Spectre has some pretty decent pre-installed software which includes a full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Element.Then there is the usual crapware that seems to come along with every name brand computer,the trail version of Microsoft Office, Norton Internet Security.



The HP Spectre XT TouchSmart is no doubt a pretty impressive notebook,the hardware though has a lot to be desired considering the asking price is $1,500,again why no SSD storage drive and from reading many reports on the device,the battery life is also a lot to be desired,but all in all if you have the bucks to splurge depending upon your PC need,this computer portable is worth the investment.