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Tech Tips 5 Paragraphs Or Less:How to Properly Update Your Hardware Drivers

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In 5 paragraphs or less I'm going to show you how to properly update and install your hardware devices drivers.What are drivers you might ask? They are written software or instructions that enable the hardware to communicate with the operating system,be it Windows,Macs or Linux.In case of Window's,you often have to update your drives from time to time,especially graphic cards that seems to constant updating from time to time.Mac's and Linux don't often need driver updating since the operating system itself doesn't demand heavy duty hardware.


There are two methods you can use when updating your hardware,you can 1: head right over to your hardware manufacturing website and check for the latest hardware updates,usually for an example if you're updating a graphic card,you can check the website for that particular graphic card,type in the serial number and you should see the latest update.Usually there is a version number and a date,the most recent date of that graphic is the latest driver.Simply click on the file and lock and load,your graphic card is now updated.Or you can 2: make things easier and head over to major geek website and download SlimDrivers. SlimDrivers is an simple to use utility that takes an audit of your systems hardware and lets the user know which hardware needs the be updated with the latest drivers.You'll know that your particular hardware needs to be updated when you see a  series checks and x's,the "X" means that hardware needs to be updated while the check marks means the hardware is up to date.

Updating hardware drivers improves the computers performance and causes your system to be very stable, and performs rapid repair of driver related errors.You'll also see new and improved technology that will maximize efficiency.


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