Upcoming Windows Blue 8.1 Start button Heated Rumors

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We all missed it,we all loved it,and for some we even went as far as to downloaded the 3rd party app,the Windows Start button that is.The feature has been ingrained into our minds since the origin of Windows,but for some reason Microsoft felt the need delete the feature from Windows 8 and have us do a search and destroy for your own applications.Well according to confirm reports from Paul Thurott's Supersite For Windows, Windows 8.1 better known as "Blue" will have a "Start" button.In fact there are actual images showing the brand new button that will resemble the Windows 8 icon.According to ZDNET,clicking on the button will return users to Start Screen, instead of opening up like traditional version of Windows.Also,there are reports that the Start Screen can now use your desktop wallpaper as its background,which will help blend sudden changes between the desktop and the Modern UI interface.

Also being reported from Thurrott,the Start button will be returning and the boot to desktop option will be considered in the Windows 8.1 update, but will be turned off by default. There have been no confirmation from Microsoft on the rumored leak,knowing that the Start Button will return to Windows is a huge uplift to many Windows users.




Credit Source: "Paul Thurott and ZDNET"