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NVIDIA Reveals the GeForce GTX 700M Series GPU's For Laptops,

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We've seen a bevy of GTX  graphic cards being released this month or the past couple of months for that matter and the graphic cards for the desktop are pretty impressive,straight bad ass,but what about NVIDIA GPU's for the notebooks? Well it seems NVIDIA has a host of GPU's all lined up and ready for the general public.Today,NVIDIA just announced the GeForce GTX 700M series for the notebook variant,its a line of GPU's that's built on the Kepler architecture.But at the top of the GTX 700M food chain is the GTX 780M,which NVIDIA boast to be the "worlds fastest notebook GPU" which takes the title from  AMD's Radeon HD 8970M. Just for the sake of numbers,the GTX 780M has a 1,536 CUDA core count,823MHz base clock speed,with 4GB of a 256-bit memory configuration.The rest of the GPU lineup includes the 770M,765M,and the 760M.

The the GPU's will feature NVIDIA's own GPU Boost 2.0 and Optimus technology and will work with the GeForce Experience game auto-setting utility.The is no time table as to when the 700M series will show up in laptops,from reading various reports,the GPU 700M series will show up in laptops very soon,I'm banking sometime in the Fall right before the holiday shopping season.

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