Haswell:Intel Core i7-4770K,What We Know

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The 4th generation  processor,codename  Haswell has been in conversation for the past two years.There's been intense of build up for the 4th gen processor,it's been talked about in all the tech magazines,websites and in social media circuit,but does the processor live up to all the hype. If you'er a hardware junkie like myself,you are drooling in anticipation and want put this chip to the test.Though I don't have the actual processor sitting  in front of me here at the "Lab",but most of the features I'm going over today are a combination of gathered data and viewing video demonstrations that were displayed on various websites.With that said,the Haswell processor is official and its here,ready to be used in your next computer build.


What do we know so far is this,the Haswell 4th Generation processor is based on its 22nm 3D Tri-Gate transistor with a beefed up integrated graphics core and its in the "Tock" cycle of   Intel's "Tick-Tock CPU lineup. In the eyes of many is considers this to be major micro architectural update,not a mild revision or shrinkage of an existing design.Intel of course will launch a slew of Haswell processors including mobile CPU's for the laptop and Windows tablets,but today we are going to set most of our focus on the Core i7-4770K,lets dive right in and take a look at some of the important features that's within the Core i7-4770K.


So what about those features~

Integrated Memory controller that'll support 2 channels of DDR3 1600 memory with two DIMMs per channel.

Intel Smart Cache has 8MB of shared cache which allows for rapid access to your data simply by enabling a dynamic and efficient allocation of cache which matches the need of each separate core.This brings upon an reduction of latency which will frequently used data and will improve system performance.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology  2.0 will increase the processors frequency up to 3.9 GHz when certain applications demand performance.It'll increase the CPU speed when needed and resort to energy efficiency when not in need.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology is the most important technology for this particular processor,it allows each core of the processor to work two tasks at the same time,it also provides processing capability which provides improved multi-tasking,and threaded applications.


Graphics Overclocking  allows unlocked graphics multiplier which allows overclocking to increase the graphics clock speed.


Integrated Memory Controller supports 2 DDR3-1600 memory channels which adds up to 2 DIMMs per channel.


Intel Quick Sync Video is a media processing which offers rapid video conversion for files stored in portable media players or sharing online content.


Intel Tru 3D offer Stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray playback in full HD that will come in at 1080p resolution transferred over HDMI 1.4.


Intel Clear Video Technology will offer visual quality and color fidelity that will enhanced quality HD playback within your web browser.


Intel HD Graphics 4600 brings about significant 3D performance for mainstream gaming on a much broader range of gaming titles.The graphic frequency will range in upwards to 1250MHz.


Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 enhances performance of demanding applications for professional video and  photo editing.



That is some of the features you'll find in the new Intel Core i7-4770K processor,but you might be asking what will the new processor really improve in regards to the actual computer system itself? The Graphics intros with Intel's own new generation of integrated graphics that will combine with the 4th-generation Core CPU. Even though the processor will get a bump in a much higher 28W TDP, the graphic portion of the processor will get Intel's new Iris graphic technology,which Intel claims will actually handle today's current resource hungry games at low settings.The much improved Battery Life according to Intel will be 20 times more efficient at idle than the current Sandy Bridge computers.Intel states that the new processor will get an extra 3 hours of HD video playback.When you'e not using your computer,or while its idle and in an sleep state,Intel states that it actually will double in longevity.Thinner systems won't require extra cooling thanks in part to the new Intel's own Y-series parts.Yes,you won't be working with heavy duty software like Adobe Premier,but unlike the U-series parts which has a 15W  TDP,the Y-Series can go as low as 6W SDP. The Y-Series systems will consist of detachable computers and tablets.



The Conclusion


We won't know the full benefits of the new Haswell processor on the desktop front until we get all the reviews from all various websites.I do know this for a fact,the new CPU will be a much needed update in laptops and tablets in regards to power saving because the chip will not require extra power.With an added boost in graphics and improved battery life on the mobile front,Haswell could be worth purchasing.Here's the good news,Intel will be dropping this processor on us on June 4th,which is 2 days from now,stay tune.