Western Digital Release To Market A 7mm 1TB Hard Drive,The World's Thinnest Hard Drive

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Ladies and gentleman,what we have here is a Western Digital (WD for short) 7mm WD Blue 1TB hard drive,which stakes its claim as being the worlds thinnest large capacity hard drive.Its a hard drive the features the Stable Track technology which secures the drives motor shaft on both ends that reduces the hard drive from vibrating and it is said to improve tracking,plus it has dual-stage actuators (actuator is the actual motor in the hard drive the controls the spinning platters). The SecurePark portion of the hard drive keeps read/write head clear of the disk surface and increases the drives shock resistance.I want add this is a 5400 RPM hard drive,but in this case you're not looking for high performance especially if you want to use this drive to do heavy duty tasks,this drive is more for the casual system user for web surfing and lite tasks that includes music uploading and file sharing.The good thing about it all is the 1TB model (WD10SCXX) is priced at a reasonable $139 with a two year warranty and is available to OEMs and consumers right now.