Straight Out Of Computex: ASUS Zenbook Infinity

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Various big name technology websites are on assignment at Computex in Taipei Taiwan which is a technology trade show similar to CES where various gadgets,computers and hardware are unveiled,which take place every year in June.While scouring various websites reading about their coverage on various devices that's at Comutex,I came upon this laptop which was being covered on AnandTech website,the new ASUS Zenbook Infinity. Zenbook's for the most part are one of the most beautifully crafted notebooks on the market,but the new Zenbook Infinity takes the cake.The system is equipped with a 13.3-inch that's display that has a super high resolution that caps out at 2560 x 1440 which by the way has a capacitive touch IPS panel.The incredible thing about this particular ZenBook Infinity is the back of the display panel is actually covered in glass,the famed Gorilla Glass 3 that is,all while the ZenBook maintaining its beautiful brush metallic finish.


As always the ASUS ZenBook notebooks are well known to have high end hardware that matches their well designed notebooks,the ZenBook Infinity will house the next generation Intel Haswell processor,the Core i7-4558U to be exact.The dual-core portion of the processor will feature Intel's Iris 5100 graphics (GT3 without Crystalwell) and it will also have a higher base CPU clock frequency,though there are no specifics measured frequency numbers.

There is no initial word from ASUS as to when will we see this notebook grace the market,according to AnandTech,expect to see this notebook arrive on the market right in time for Windows 8.1 launch.


Credit Source: AnandTech