How To Protect Computer Your From The Bad Guys,The NSA (Prism Surveillance)

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This has been a tough week for people like ourselves who uses the Internet,albeit mobile and PC,why you might ask? Well if you been hibernating in a  cave lately you know that our government,the NSA in particular has been spying on us for quite some time now.They are using a system call Prism surveillance which is used to spy on everyone,anyone that uses the Internet.If you're a Verizon consumer you should know that that bad guys at NSA are not only spying on your Internet activity,but they are also monitoring your incoming and outgoing calls,ouch.According to the whistle blowers over at the UK (The Guardian are the ones who first broke the story) some of the most heavy hitters of the Web such as AOL,Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo, Youtube, Paltalk,and even Dropbox  participated or unknowingly.Reports puts out claims that the National Security Agency had direct access to all the servers owned by these companies and covers data that includes emails,video and voice chat, videos, photos, file transfers,social networking and much much more. Is it clear that some of these companies know that they were being spied on? That's the million dollar question.

Many of these companies like Google and FaceBook have vehemently denied participating in the PRISM surveillance system.None to less,whats definitely clear is the NSA have performed these operation without any type of disclosure to the general public,to put t bluntly,they spied behind our backs.

Guess what,you can get rid of your sudden paranoia by performing certain tasks that can render the NSA's PRISM surveillance system useless.OK nothing is full proof I mean the NSA have some the most sophisticated computer systems and servers on the planet,but you can most certainly slow down the spying eyes.

Here's some of the tasks you can perform to safeguard your computer from prying eyes,some of these task are quite simple.

Get rid of your popular web browser,go private browsing

Yes,I'm saying it,try ditching your web browser for a week,that includes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even Safari,you might be asking, how am I suppose to surf the net without a web browser? Ahhh there is whats call  private web browsing and it is very easy to use and effective.Private web browsers enables users to surf the web without anyone (the NSA) tracking your surfing habits.Private browsing do not leave any type of web footprints whatsoever,no cookies,Internet files,no traces. Try using a web browser call DuckDuckGo,which is a web browser where its main function is private web browsing.You can of course add DuckDuckGo to Google Chrome as a extension.There is another extension you can add to Google Chrome call Ghostery,once you enable the app or extension,it'll turn you entire browser literally into a ghost,hence the name Ghostery,its a very powerful and potent tool. Opera and FireFox web browsers have web anonymous feature that you can enable within the browser but it often leaves for a very slow,sluggish web surfing experience.

Malware lock down

Lets face it,Malware can ruin a system,but not all Malware creators use the little buggy program to render your computer useless,backdoor Trojans and other forms of worms can be planted on your system where its main purpose is to gather information.Backdoor Trojans can sit quietly in your system without you even detecting what's going on.The quick remedy is a application which is popular among tech pundits and that' Malwarebytes. The app not only block's Malware,but it also warns web surfers of  website that's suspected to be tainted with malware or Trojans

Encrypt your data

This is a popular task among many,but believe it or not,its also the least used and that's encrypting your hard drive and files.There are two apps that come to mind when dealing with encrypting files or your entire hard drive,what we say in the tech business is encrypting your volume,and that's TrueCrypt,which is well known,and then there's a much simpler app call  DiskCrytor. You can also go with the BitLocker,which is a built-in app in Windows 8. The other important task that most people should start doing  is you want to start getting into the habit of encrypting your emails,the bad guys over at NSA want nothing more than to sniff out outgoing and incoming emails on your computer system.There are three possible solutions; you can encrypt the following; encrypt your connection from your email provider,your actual email message,stored cache and your archived email messages.

Unplug your modem for the night

Unplugging your modem dose two things,it disconnects you from the Internet,which means you have no connection,which also means the bad guys at NSA aren't sniffing out your computer when its not in use.Unplugging your modem also changes the modems IP address after its been off for a long period of time.

If all of these steps I just listed above doesn't end your paranoia of the bad guys at the NSA,you can always dump the PC,the Internet altogether and use Morse code.