The New Play Station 4 Walk Through,What You Need To Know

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Sony drop the mega bomb yesterday when it unveiled their new Play Station 4,which is an official announcement,as you well know,Sony a couple of months back gave us a little teaser as to what the gaming console will look like,in fact they didn't reveal the console at all.Sony for the most part just gave the masses bits and pieces of what consumers will expect in hardware and features. Yesterday,Sony gave you the full physical console,release date and pricing,before we get to the price point and date of release.Lets take a walk through of the console's hardware and design

Sony completely went to a whole new design when it comes down to the consoles unibody,gone is the consoles curvaceous aesthetics that the previous Play Station console had relied on for past couple of generations,Sony went bold with a very sharp angular motif design.The console still has its signature all black color scheme with a nice streak of blueish-purple that placed in the middle of the console.The console itself from my vantage point looks a tad bit slimmer than the Xbox One,but its better to make that comment if I had both consoles in front of me standing next to each other.


The PS4 like the current model can stand vertically or lay flat horizontally,being that its a very slim design,this console can fit nicely between your cable box and stereo receiver.The two USB ports are wedged right in the middle of the console which makes it easy to access,in the back of the console there's the optical port, HDMI output, Ethernet LAN port,and a auxiliary port in the back.


The hardware in the new PlayStation 4 is similar but slightly has the edge over the Xbox One,it has a custom low-power x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor that sports eight cores.The star of the show though is the GPU,the PlayStation 4 has the Radeon HD 7870 graphic chip that has 896 stream processors,8GB of unified  GDDR5 RAM that is able to offer 176GB/s of bandwidth to the CPU and GPU.


Probably the biggest advantage the PlayStation 4  has is price point,$399 compared to $499 Xbox One and will hit stores this November which is the sametime Microsoft will release the Xbox One. You can purchase an separate camera  with your PlayStation 4 which will cost you $50,with the Xbox One you get the Kinect packaged with the system which probably why you have such a hefty price point,is it justified? That remains to be seen.Good news if you're a die hard PlayStation good news,the PlayStation 4 will play older PS3 games,something you won't take place with the Xbox One.

Sony is now at this very moment taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 4.