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Mac Pro 2013,The Reinvented Design

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Apple this week revealed its highly anticipated Mac Pro,they have gone where no Mac Pro has gone before and beyond with its design,more design on that later.Fans of the Mac Pro have been waiting for a refresh for 3 years and now they got what they wanted,same high end hardware but totally different build.Gone is the ultra big hefty all metal aluminum tower that has been the staple of the Mac Pro for almost 10 years,its replaced by a compact cylinder like shape,with an all glossy black color scheme.Another big change in the new Mac Pro 2013 is the size of the desktop,its almost 1/8th the size of its predecessor.With its shrinkage in size you might be asking yourself is there a sacrifice in the machines performance? The answer is no,in fact the new Mac Pro is probably the fastest Mac ever constructed by Apple.


Under the Mac Pro's hood there is some serious hardware going on inside,starting with an Intel 12-core 256-bit Xeon processor,this is the type of processor that's usually found in most high end servers running inside of a desktop system.It's paired with your not so traditional hard drive,Apple instead went with the PCIe controller flash hard drive that has an amazing transfer rate that goes up to 1.25GBps read rates and up to 1.0GBps write rates.As for the memory, by far its the fastest on a Mac system, it uses 1866MHz DDR3 with a four-channel controller and a 60 GBps bandwidth.


Th graphic portion of the new Mac Pro will use a dual ATI Fire Pro workstation GPUs, with a total of 4096 stream processors.There's a 384-bit memory buses that totals 528 GBps of bandwidth.The new Mac Pro will even support three simultaneous displays on every port,it will also support the 4K Ultra HD resolution.


Probably the one big drawback of the new Mac Pro is its inability to expand its hardware,with the early generation Mac Pro's you can upgrade the hard drive,graphic card and its memory,the new Mac Pro has all of its hard ware integrated onto motherboard.Instead,Apple wants you to expand the new Mac Pro externally with its Six Thunderbolt 2 ports which is capable of  handling six individual devices in a daisy chain setup,in fact you can have a total of thirty six peripheral devices that includes a hard drive, A/V interface, and as mentioned before a 4K display, all which can be strung from one compact system.


Now about that design,the new Mac Pro with all of its hardware that's packed inside comes in at an amazing 9 inches in length,in fact the computer is compact enough to sit right on your desktop,which is Apple's main intention.The hardware inside cooled is a very unique fashion,it doesn't have a big bulky power supply nor does it have  an abundance of fans,instead the Mac Pro has a very innovative cooling setup where the fans is placed in the middle of the device.The larger fan pulls air upward through the bottom vent.As air passes through in a vertical motion through the center of the device,it then absorbs the heat and carries the air to the top.The key to this unique cooling setup is the way the fans in the new Mac Pro is design.The fan uses a curved impeller blades which runs at a  minimized revolutions per minute,it efficiently draws air as it spins, and at the same time will create less noise.


Apple has not listed a price for the new Mac Pro,but given its past history with previous generation of Mac Pro's don't expect this computer to be cheap,we maybe talking a $3,500 to start.The new Mac Pro is expected to hit an Apple store near you  later on this year.

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