Is iOS7 Imitation In The Form Of Flattery? Lets Take A Look

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I tried very hard to get a full gauge on iOS7,I wanted to do coverage on the mobile OS when it was unveiled to the public last week at WWDC,but I couldn't do a write up on iOS7 without doing a comparison to other OS in terms of features.First off,this is not a knock on iOS7,in fact I love what Apple has done with new OS, changed is welcome and much needed, I can't wait to get my hands on it and install it on my iPhone 5.With the new features that's within  iOS7,I can't help but ask myself  this question "Haven't I seen these features before?" Basically what you have with iOS7 is a remix of Android,WebOS and a sprinkle of Windows Vista all rolled in one.And to me that is not a a bad thing,in fact what mobile OS haven't at one time been inspired by a feature that's on a different mobile OS.

Lets take a close look at the new and improved features in iOS7 and look at where it got its inspiration which should answer the title of this articles question,is IOS7 imitation in the form of flattery.

The New Control Center


With the new control center,you can now access your settings simply just by swiping up the menu that gives an rapid access to your basic functions.You can control you music and toggle in between airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, brightness etc.This is one of many features that many iOS powers users have been craving for for some quite some time.The feature also has a nice transparent user interface.


Where have we seen this before: IntelliScreenX is a popular Cydia jailbreak app that offers the same kind of  features,in fact it is transparent just like you'll see in iOS7.





Now there is true multitasking that will support all apps,you won't have a settlement of just limited services or the iPhone's stock apps that you witnessed on the earlier version of iOS which we know was very restricted.There are different forms of multitasking within iOS7 starting with a new feature that let apps update itself in the background,all without affecting the devices battery life,it now has smart features that update certain apps during certain periods of the day.Push notification can now start apps to update on the devices background.The new multitasking interface is also now present on the new iOS 7 in the form of a card based in interface that you can swipe off when you're done with the app.


Where have we seen this before: Once again you see this type of multitasking feature or app is found on the jail-break Cydia platform.But in actuality,this feature was first introduced to the world by Motorola on  WebOS which was the first to use this type of flip card interface on a mobile platform back in 2008.



Safari Gets A Face Lift

2013-06-11 22-01-15-ios7-safari

The new and improved Safari once stale and boring now features an much improved full screen browsing, gesture based navigation and it now has a flip card web overview.Gone is the separate search bar,now you can now perform searches right from the address bar.


Where have we seen this before: The Google Chrome mobile browser has the same gesture based navigation feature and has the flip card overview.


Camera and Photo gets a refreshed


The camera's UI has improved with a square photo frame feature and added are new photo filter features. Probably the biggest  improvement and star of the show is the photo feature ability to organize images by time and location.It also can provide an overview of all the pictures you have taken within the year.


Where have we seen this before: Apple is now instituting filtering in its photo editing feature,but to be fair what application that shares photos on the Internet isn't inspired by Instagram nowadays,from Flickr to Twitter,all are using some form of filtering feature within their application.


AirDrop Feature


The new AirDrop feature on iOS7 will let you share any content with iOS users through your Control Center. How it works is simple,the feature lets you share files and content with users within close proximity,the feature tells you who you can transfer or send content to right within your Control Center. This is Apple's way of saying who needs to tap smartphones to share content ala Samsung.


Where have we seen this before: This features does not bare much mentioning,we all know this is a NFC inspired feature.But I have to give the edge to Apple, this feature was a long time coming from Apple.Having AirDrop on the MacBook for me served no purpose.To get the most out of this feature,it needed to be on a mobile platform.


iTunes Radio


Probably the biggest changes with iOS7 is its new music player,iTunes Radio service.This is Apple's version music stream service that lets the users choose songs to listen to on demand,it creates radio stations based on songs,artist, albums or any genres.


Where have we seen this before: Apple joins the already crowded market of stream music service that includes,Pandora,Spotify, rdio, and Google Music All Access.



In Conclusion

So I ask this question,is this imitation in the form of flattery? It all depends on how you look at it.If you're a big fan of iOS then you would likely say that these features on the new mobile OS is a long time coming,especially if you're a person who resorts to jail-breaking.If  you have jail broken your iPhone then you know that the new features on iOS7 is nothing new, in fact we seen it all before.If you not a big fa of Apple or just a Apple hater,your views will tend to lean towards saying  all Apple did was ripped off or copy,where's the innovation.Seriously folks,Apple isn't the only company that have been inspired by a feature seen on other devices and use it on their platform.I'm a even go out on a limb and say copy catting is in fact good for the tech industry.Be inspired by a feature and put your own spin on it.

Tell me what you think,is iOS 7  imitation in the form of flattery,is copy cat good for the industry,leave your comments in the box.