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AMDA10-6800K Peaks The 8.0GHz Overclock Mark

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It's been awhile since I've done any overclocking news and usually when I do any coverage on overclocking its in a form of  AMD CPU.Well guess what,the latest CPU overclock to crack the tech news feeds in terms of popularity is the AMD A10-6800K which just broke the 8.0GHz mark. The finish overclocker  "Stilt" has surpassed the 8.0GHz mark,which breaks the record which of course will put AMD on the map. This momentous achievement wasn't done without some form of additives,the overclocker Mr.Stilt used liquid nitrogen to keep the CPU chilled at an amazing -185*C, a core voltage of 1.992V,a base clock speed measured at 126.99 MHz, and a 63.0 x BClk multiplier.The motherboard used was ASUS F2A85-V Pro combined with a pair of DDR3 memory sticks which for some reason remained a mystery ran at 1692 MHz.

If these kind of numbers can be achieved with this new AMD APU lineup  minus the extreme cooling,we can indeed see an resurgence of AMD fans.

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