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Video Comes To Instagram,Call Video

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If you been on the twitterfeeds past couple of weeks and read the blogs,you just knew it was coming,we all saw it coming, and that's Video on Instagram. Yes,you can now upload short videos to Instragram which will serve as stiff competition to Vine.What is Vine? Well if you have been hiding under a rock lately you know Vine is the newest,hottest social media app to grace the palm of our hands via smartphone. FaceBook is simply calling the new video feature,"Video"  on Instagram,surprisingly you don't have to wait very long for the new feature because it is now available in the app store as an Instagram upgrade. [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/68765934 w=400&h=300] ku-xlarge (2)

How it works its similar to Vine where you can edit and upload quick videos and share it with the world.But where Instagram Video gains and Vine lacks is extended time,with Video you can upload 15 secs of video,Vine only allows 5 sec video uploads.Plus with Video,you can add filters to your video uploads,ouch.Wait,there is more,there is a image stabilizing tool call Cinema which allows users to shoot video with less shakes.The feature uses a custom algorithm from within the video's metadata which smooths the video out.

Video is available on both the iOS and Android platform.There is also another impressive thing about Video on Instagram,it has its own website.You don't have to view these short video clips on your smartphone. Vine? well they make you view your videos only on the app.

What we have here is a much smarter video app where photos and videos coincides with the same feed.You have filters,auto-play, auto sound and extended video uploading,you have the makings of a Vine killer.Your move Twitter.

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