5 Paragraphs Or Less: How To Change A Hard Drive In A Laptop

File-It-Under: Technical tutorials By: D.F.Skinner!~ laptop_sata

So you have your trustee laptop that has been in your hands for a better part of a year now.You take it with you everywhere you go,upload all types of content from music,to pictures onto the devices hard drive.Your laptop is not only your computer,its your companion,your life,then the worst happens,your hard drive crashes,crashes beyond repair to point you have to of replace the entire hard drive,what to do? In this installment of 5 paragraphs or less I'll give you simple instruction on how to replace your hard drive in your laptop,its not as hard as you think.

First off,if you haven't by now you should always backup your data,there is just no excuse for not backing up your data from your computer,especially since there are so many free apps to choose from.Hard drives for laptops are different from desktop computers,you don't have the challenge of fussing with wires and have to connect it to the motherboard,remember all hardware is integrated onto the motherboard.First if you know its a hard drive problem for sure flip the laptop over and you want to take off the panel that's covering the hard rive.


On most PC laptops,there is a square panel with a hard drive logo etched on that you can unscrew with your Philips screw driver,once you take off the panel,you can see the hard drive right there.Simply grab hold of the tab that's placed on the hard drive, and slide the hard drive right out of its slot,remember there is no wires that you need to contend with when upgrading hardware in laptops.Take the new hard drive and slide it back into it's slot which is a Sata II OR III slot,most laptops today uses a Sata III interface.


Once you install your hard drive,power up your PC and go into your BIOS and see if your system reads the new drive,if you see the hard drive listed,then its all system go.Load your OS onto your brand new hard drive.