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The Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Is The New # 1 For Now

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It wasn't to long ago that the Titan supercomputer was crown as the worlds fastest system on the planet that is until now where we have a new champion in town. The Tiannhe-2 which is Chinese for "Milky Way-2" takes the crown as the worlds fastest supercomputer in the world and is located in The National Supercomputer Center in Guangzh ,China will play host to the system by the end of 2013. It doubles the Titan in floating-point performance,with a slight performance per watt.The Tianhe-2 was developed by China's National University of Defense Technology.

If you want to break down the main hardware specs of the Tianhe-2,we must compare it to the Titan's supercomputer.The Tianhe-2 can achieve 33,8627 PetaFLOPS of calculation from 17.808 MW of power,while the Titan is able to crunch 17.590 PetaFlops with a power consumption that draws just 8.209 MW. So in essence,the new Tianhe-2 uses 12.7% more power per FLOP than the Titan.

The Titan computer itself is known for using the NVIDIA based Kepler GPU architecture, coincide with several 16-core AMD Opteron processor that has a based clock speed at 2.2GHz. The Tianhe-2 on the other hand hardware is based around Intel's Xeon Phi co-processor. Using the simplified co-processor cores of the Xeon Phi adds up to 3.12 million x86 cores and 1024 terabytes of memory.

Now the question that needs answering is how long will it be before someone else on this planet develops the next fastest supercomputer topping the Tianhe-2?

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