EVGA Joins The DarkSide By Unleashing The X79 Dark Motherboard

File-It-Under: Motherboard hardware By: D.F.Sinner!~


The EVGA X79 motherboard has just joined the darkside,the X79 Dark that is and its probably one of the most impressive motherboards I've come across on the Internet thus far.Not just any run of the mill system board,but a motherboard that is impressive in both design and features.

The EVGA X79 Dark is rich in features that's designed for the extreme PC enthusiast in mind,the motherboard starts off with a full 12-layer PCP, which gives great improvement to stability and extreme overclocking at the same time keeps the PCB from overheating. The memory layout on the X79 Dark is optimized for compatibility that includes a full set 8-DIMM memory slot which also supports overclocking.That means you can include a total of 36GB of raw memory onto your system.

Other important features includes a CPU VRM, which has a total new redesign making the components on the motherboard having the standard IR power stages that provides very sufficient power to the CPU. There is also a changed PCI-E layout that has a more organize lane distribution that improves overall performance to the system.There is an increased PCI-E compatibility, 4-Way SLI support and has more support on the E-ATX Form Factor board. On the connection front, you get a Dual Intel Gigabit LAN connection as well as additional USB 3.0 support for a grand total of 6 USB 3.0 devices that can be attached to the X79 Dark.

Its not what's featured on the motherboard that's most impressive, but its the EVGA new BIOS user interface which is very straight forward and looks very easy to navigate your way around. What is your take on the new EVGA X79 Dark,would you include this motherboard on your next system build,tell me what you think,drop your comment in the box.