Microsoft Releases Direct X 11.2 Exclusively For Windows 8.1

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Right on the verge of the future release of Windows 8.1,Microsoft is quietly releasing Direct X 11.2 but sadly it won't be released to Windows 7 nor Windows 8. Microsoft has just confirmed that Direct X 11.2 will be solely  released on the Windows 8.1 and Xbox One console system.

The main core feature within Direct X 11.2 is its new Direct 3D feature called Tiled Resources, this will expose some of the limited graphics memory in most model apps. This prevents any type of mapping that takes place between resource data and physical memory, this will also allow creation of very large logical resources that will take up small amounts of memory.To put it in a more simplistic manner, this kind of setup will allow a games to store textures in both your RAM and graphics RAM. This will certainly come in handy when you are mapping out terrain in games and coding user interface in your applications.

Microsoft has stated Tiled Resources will allow developers to build games in great detail. Windows 8.1 Preview will include a new set of API for many Direct X applications which will be presented in frames in low latency, this will allow for a rapid response time within the UI.



Credit Source: Microsoft and Hothardware