An Android Flaw Can Leave 99% Of Open Attacks On Devices

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If  you're a Android users you might want to read this article,according to Blebox which is a mobile security company,they have made claim to have found a fatal flaw on Android based systems that can leave any device vulnerable to attacks. Bluebox aren't going on just educated data,they have actually demonstrated an actual method that makes all of this possible.In their explanation,Bluebox said that apps code on the device can be modified without affecting the cryptographic signature,this can lead to Android users to apply a malicious code that can go completely unnoticed. Specifically this method of attack can further lead to theft of data or create botnets within  your system.

Bluebox gave no specifics about it  in the process of attacks,but they said that this type of vulnerability has been around since Android 1.6 which if you want to put date on it, existed from 2009 to current day.The real dangerous advantages of this flaw is when a "master key" is applied which in turn tricks Android into thinking there's no harm to the application.

The only smatrtphone that have provided some sort of a patch for this problem is Google for the Samsung Galaxy S4 while other Android based smartphones are hanging in a loop. Technical details and other related tools will be released at BlackHat USA 2013 by the end of this month. So what's the lesson learned from all of this? If you'er on the Internet via smartphone,PC,tablet,you are vulnerable to any type of attacks.




Credit Source: "Techspot and TechofTomrrow"