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The RTA 15 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router Launched By Amped Wireless

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Amped Wireless RTA15 ac router


We are  used seeing names such as Netgear,Linksys and ASUS dominate the tech news around the web,but ever heard of Amped wireless? There the other guys who are also big players in the wireless tech game which  manufactures routers,switches,and they have just launched the RTA 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The RTA 15 which works with a dual-band wireless setup that includes is 802.11n and 802.11ac radios which can operate simultaneously. It comes fully packed with five Gigabit Ethernet ports (one WAN, four LAN ), a USB port that allows you to share storage to networked devices. It has a high gain antenna, ten radio signal amplifiers, there is no mention of the processors name that's within the RTA 15 but its CPU speed measures at 660MHz, it also supports a great number of management and parental controls.

Amped Wireless RTA15 ac router_back

Lets take a close look at the wireless technology that's on the RTA 15, it supports 300Mbps 802.11n on a 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps, it also has 802.11ac with a 5GHz band. The router is packed with two 700mW 2.4Ghz amplifiers, four (two stage) 5GHz 700mW amplifier, and four low noise amps that will improve the routers signal strength and Wi-Fi range. It also includes one 5dBi antenna for the 2.4GHz radio, one 5dBi antenna for the 5GHz radio. The RTA 15  has a single dual band antenna on the wireless router.

Amped Wireless RTA15 ac router ports

The router  features  website blocking, user and time schedules, a SPI firewall and a adjustable radio power output. It also supports WPS and IPv6 for networks that may need both features.

Just like with Netgear,ASUS and of course Linksys, the Amped RTA 15 wireless dual-band router isn't cheap,it retails for $189.00 which you can pre-order from Amped Wireless website. Shipping will begin on July 16, 2013.



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