The SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard,The Self Proclaimed Fastest On The Planet

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SteelSeries are a company who make some pretty awesome gaming peripherals,but they are making a lot of noise this week by debuting the Apex Gaming Keyboard,which SteelSeries is claiming it to be the worlds fastest gaming keyboard. What makes this the "Fastest" gaming keyboard on the planet? Apex states that the keyboard has a very rapid response times,which is gamer's best friend when gaming.The Apex gaming keyboard can be customized by users and features 16.8 million color options with a active illumination for ultimate control.


When it comes down to the build,its what you expect from high-end gaming keyboards such as Apex.Its sleek with a low profile design with many additives to match its design and layout.Other noted standout features on the Apex goes as follows: A raised macro-keys that's placed along the top and left side,this provides users faster and more precise macro-combinations,an additional two small tactile bumps on the W-key which provide much faster return to WASD, anti ghosting that supports simultaneous key press, enlarge space bar and added directional keys that supports improve comfort and reaction times, Steel Series key which allows users to easily adjust brightness and disable the Windows key which requires no software, two swappable feet that allows users to adjust the keyboard's angle that suits the users comfort.

SteelSeries is expects  to ship its gaming keyboard later on this month,and will retail at a $99.99 price tag.Quick note,The Apex keyboard is currently listed under back order so place your orders now.