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The 2013(13-Inch) MacBook Air:My (Late) Review

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Awhile back which was last month to be exact,I wrote a article stating that my next laptop would be the MacBook Air, based on all the positive reviews I read from other tech websites,I just had to get my hands on the Ultrabook and see if its all hype or a general let down. So I traveled to the Apple store via subway,I entered the store, plot down my cash and purchased the new 2013 Macbook Air. Now that I've played with the Ultrabook for 24 hours you might be asking,does the MacBook Air live up to the all of the positive reviews its been getting? Follow along in this review and read for yourself.




Design and Body of Work

This is officially my first Ultrabook and I got to say I can see why many people fall in love with Ultrabooks altogether,in particularly the MacBook Air.It has a nice sleek in design and it surprisingly very lite. In fact,its so lite in the hands it almost feels like its about to fall out of my hands when lifting , I can literally raise the MacBook Air high up in the air with one hand without any type of struggle.The display though its not "Retina" is perfect for my viewing pleasure.I do have to remind you if you're one of those picky display buff types who got to have their super high definition viewing,then this is not the laptop for you,you're better off going with the 2013 13-inch "Retina" display MacBook. Where the MacBook Air really scores well with me when it comes down to design is its keyboard,I mean this has got to be the best keyboard setup I've ever experienced on a laptop,its just perfect.The keyboard itself sits way back on the MacBook Air near the display which makes it easily accessible.Unlike most laptops,you don't get the feeling that your arms are attached to your chest when typing on the new MacBook Air, the slightly large( tad bit larger than the MacBook Pro) chiclet style keys makes for a comfortable typing experience,due in part to the way the keys are visibly far apart. The new Macbook Air has a total of two USB 3.0 ports, one Thunderbolt port that placed on the right side of the laptop which sits right next to the USB port and SDXC slot.Speaking of which, one of the biggest selling points for me is the SDXC card slot which is probably a substitute for adding storage since SSD PCIe is  integrated hardware. Its no wonder you see many Ultrabook manufacturers mimicking The MacBook Air's design,its nothing short of perfection.



Hardware and Performance

Here's  brief   hardware setup inside of my new MacBook Air which goes as follows: 1.3GHz dual-core Core i5 processor ( with a 2.6GHz Turbo Boost) which is the 4th generation Haswell Intel processor,Intel HD 5000 GPU, 128GB PCIe SSD,  4GB of RAM ( LPDDR3-1600), a 1366 x 768 resolution display, you have a choice in upgrading extra storage and memory for an increased price point of course. For me,I went with the 13-inch basic model and I got to say for me the MacBook Air performs very well.There is not one flawed issue with the MacBook Air when it comes down to hardware performance,though the processor has an average at best processor speed,it still holds it own when I performed the Geekbench benchmark test that scored a 6072, which is very respectable. The SSD on the other hand is insanely fast which I measured on average 434.0 write speed/724.2 read speed using Blackmagic Disk Speed Test software which you can download for free on the Mac App store. Applications and the web browser pulls up at lightning speeds with no type of lag whatsoever,but that's all due in part to the SSD storage that's under the hood of the MacBook Air. Any type of computer,be it Mac or PC that has solid state storage will always perform in a speedy fashion.


Now I never owned a MacBook Air,but for me it has performed well so far in the 24 hrs of usage. I haven't experience any type of software hiccups,but then again UltraBook  still has that new laptop smell so keeping my fingers cross.Even though its a Mac and its well known for its stability,anything can happen.

Life of a Battery

The star of the show on the new MacBook Air is its 54Wh battery,which as advertise gets 12 hours of battery power on a single charge literally.Even during peak activity such as web surfing or running applications at he same time for a good portion of the night, I didn't recharge the battery until the next day late afternoon.But this is all due in part to the hardware,in particularly the new Intel Haswell processor which doesn't use a great abundance of power,also throw in the fact that the Mac Book Air has a PCIe SSD for its storage,this is a recipe for great power consumption within device. I don't know if any of the tech websites picked up on this but the charge time on the new MacBook Air was a little over 30 mins,I'm not kidding.As soon as I plug the charger into the laptop, the battery began to charge at a rapid pace from 20% power to 100% within minutes.I'm hoping that Apple would apply the same type of battery technology that's  found in the MacBook Air to the next generation iPhone,because if you're a iPhone 5 user you know by now the iPhone 5 has a terrible battery life.



Its a wrap Up

The MacBook is a must have Ultrabook and live up to all of the positive reviews that it has gained from many tech websites.If I had to really critique the MacBook Air,I just wish it had retina display,if you're a casual PC user it probably wouldn't matter because the display for the most part is still awesome. At $1,099 which is the base model I'm currently using, its a damn good reasonable price point considering  other Ultrabook on the market can be a  bit pricey.The other problem and mind you its a minor problem is there is no DVD player which is expected in a Ultrabooks,nor is there a Ethernet port present,ouch.That leaves you with relying totally on Wi-Fi to gain access to the web.

If you are considering getting a MacBook but still have somewhat mix feelings about spending the money,just think about this, for $1,o99 you're getting a full 12 hours of battery life which isn't bad for the buck,not bad at all.




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