The Seagate 1TB Backup Plus (Silver) External Drive: The Quick Review

File-It-Under: Reviewed storage devices By: D.F.Skinner!~


Can you believe in the age of cheap external drives,I for some reason held on to my Western Digital external drive that has to be 7 years old. Yeah I know,what's wrong with me,but never felt I needed to upgrade to a newer external drive,especially when we are in the age of cloud based storage services that is free,DropBox, iDrive,iCloud,Google Drive to name a few.Plus factor in that external drives nowadays are dirt cheap.So what made me purchase the Seagate 1TB Backup Plus external drive? Its simple,you can never have enough sources of backup,plus I needed a serious upgrade to a better and  faster external drive.


External drives pretty much have a small category when judging their performance,how fast it transfer data and the design of drive ,in the case of the Seagate External drive (Silver) it meets my needs in both categories.Lets talk about the data transfer,I was somewhat blown away by how fast I was able to transfer all my data onto the external external.In a matter of 45 mins I was able to transfer 150GB of data that included lots of pictures,music and video files. The design of the external hard drive is pretty sleek and compact,which is what you'll see mostly with many external drives on the market. I'm particularly impressed with the all metallic silver front face cover and the all solid plastic rear.


Probably the only drawback I have with the Seagate 1TB Backup Plus is its USB 3.0 cable that came with the drive,its to damn short.I think when Seagate constructed this external drive,their main intention was to market the drive for laptop owners not desktop owners,but that's an easy fix by simply  purchasing a much longer USB 3.0 cable.The software that comes with the external drive well technically it doesn't,you have to download the software from Seagate's website,before you make the initial download,you have to register your external drive so you can download the latest firmware. The software which is called "DashBoard" its pretty simple yet very useful as it makes data backup very easy,just a few clicks of the mouse and boom,your backup operation has started. There is a particular feature I find very useful which is the "Manage" feature,the feature basically manages the drives power settings and turn off the drives LED light,although I quite don't get why does it matter that you have the LED light on or off.  The power setting feature on the other hand I must say serves a purpose as it gives the user the ability set the drive to turn off  during inactivity. The software also gives users the choice to upload all of your data to Seagates cloud base service,yeah you're asking why is cloud service even needed when you have an external drive? I don't get it.

All in all,the Seagate 1TB Backup Plus is a buy if you're looking for a external drive with 1TB of storage capacity, that's simple to use and dirt cheap at $79.99. Quick note: The external drive is USB 3.0 compatible and there is no need for device drivers,like most USB devices today,they are Plug-n-Play,so it comes out of the box ready to be used. Also the Seagate 1TB Backplus is compatible to both the Mac and PC.