Three Things I Hate About My New Apple TV

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I know I'm a little late in the game but I just recently purchased the Apple TV,I figured it made a lot of sense since I pay almost a $1,000 a year with the Netflix stream service.A service that really doesn't play recent movies that just came out on the DVD and Blue-Ray disc or consistently don't have good content.I mean lets face it,,the content on NetFlix at times can be sub par at best,you see a lot of "Straight to DVD"  type movies.With Apple TV,you get brand new content that just came out on DVD or Blu-ray ,plus your choices to either buy the movies or rent,this is exactly what you'll do if you buying movies through iTunes via your computer or tablet,play the video content on your mobile devices.Apple TV enables users to play content you purchased from iTunes on your TV. The iCloud really serves its purpose with Apple TV as users can simply play of all your purchased content right on your Apple TV. Apple TV give users an abundance of content to choose from,there's Hulu,Netflix (What setup box service don't have Netflix nowadays),YouTube,Wall Street Journal,etc. Apple TV is a  fairly easy device to setup,you practically can setup right out of the box in a matter of minutes.Just connect the device to your router via Ethernet cable or WiFi,type in your iTunes account and boom!,you're all done. So with all that said I have three major issues with Apple TV that's kind of irked my nerves.

Issue No:1 It seems Apple didn't have in mind that consumers who buy or intend to buy a Apple TV  have some type of home theater,surround setup in their living rooms.When you go and setup your Apple TV you have to have a HDMI cable to connect to your TV because for viewing (Why can't Apple include a free HDMI cable within the package). If you're fine with sound coming from your TV's speakers you're in luck because with this type of setup,you won't get any sound at all coming  through you receiver and home theater speakers,you need a Optical A/V cable that plugs from Apple TV to your receiver to get your surround sound. In fairness even though it seems Apple puts a greater emphasis on the HDMI setup,the users manual does state that you have an option to get a A/V Optical cable but they don't particularly tell you why you need this type of cable. Issue No: 2  Another confusing thing about Apple TV is how do you power down the damn device,shut it off,shut it down,just off! It seems in order to power down the Apple TV,you have to go into your settings  and click on Sleep mode,it seems like Apple wants you put the device in sleep mode with no consideration to power consumption, huh? I mean who wants to keep your Apple TV on for 24 hours in the day. Issue No: 3 Navigating the menu and settings on your Apple TV with a very tiny remote is a daunting task,there are times when a keyboard is needed which would make things so much easier. I mean try setting up your account or type in your password with a fucking thin 5-inch remote. I t would be nice if Apple included Bluetooth connectivity within  Apple TV,maybe we might see such a feature in the next generation Apple TV.

Overall the Apple TV is a nice device to have in your living room don't get me wrong,it has a lot of viewer content, its easy to use and surprisingly  works very well with WiFi connection.But if Apple TV is going to stay on top of the set-top box market, it needs to implement some major changes.