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The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus,MacBook Air Killer?

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Here's the thing,Samsung has a new 13-inch UltraBook they just unveil to the public and they want consumers to steer away from the MacBook Air and buy this particular UltraBook.Not just any UltraBook where we seen our abundant share of potential MacBook Air killers,this is device is a bit different,much different. Ladies and gentleman I bring you the new Ativ Book 9 Plus, the laptop with a MacBook Air feel with a dosage of  Retina display MacBook. The new Ativ Book Plus 9 measures only 0.54 inches thick,which is nearly a quarter inch thinner than the Apple's own 13-inch Retina MacBook, and it only weighs 3 pounds.

The Ativ Book 9 Plus hardware specs goes as follows, it starts out with the 128GB solid state storage which I'm sure there is a option to increase its storage, the  Ativ sports the latest Haswell processor, packs the standard 4GB of RAM to start. The graphics though kinds of falls short as it has the HD Graphics 4400 instead of the much higher performing HD Graphics 5000 that's found in the new MacBook Air. The real ultimate star of the show with the Ativ Book 9 Plus is its display,not your run of the mill display that you'll usually find in some Window's based UltraBooks , the display has an amazing 3200 x 1800 pixels added to a standard UltraBook hardware.

The Ativ Book 9 Plus is running Windows 8 and like most Microsoft laced laptops you see today it supports a capacitive touch screen.Now about that price,well with a 3200 x 1800 pixel display expect this Ultrabook to be a bit pricey,try $1,400 for a UltraBook that pretty much has standard Ultrabook hardware. If you want this high priced UltraBook Samsung is putting this laptop for pre-order on August 16th,there is no word on an actual release date. What you think people,would you cough up $1400 for what seems to be  beautifully crafted very thin UltrBook,drop your comments in the box below.

Quick note: There have been reports that the Ativ 9 Book Plus with its high intense display and all promises to have 7.5 to 12 hours of battery life.


Credit Source: " Hothardware and Samsung" and also Tested.com

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