Rumor Has It Samsung Will Unveil The Smartwatch and Galaxy Note 3

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While Samsung and Apple are still at each other throats,I mine as well fuel the fire by telling you that Samsung according to heated rumors plans on beating Apple to the punch with their announcement of a Smartwatch which Samsung is calling the Galaxy Gear,and they will unveil the new Galaxy Note 3. Samsung plans on upstaging Apple by revealing their new devices on Sept 4th,right before Apple's big announcement of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which is schedule to take place on Sept 10th. So in essence the heated war between these two tech titans continues.


So what about that smartwatch? The wearable device will supposedly be a companion accessory to the Galaxy-class smartphones, pending its features it will have a flexible OLE display which is a patent design we all have seen shown on various tech websites months prior. The Galaxy Gear other pending features are speakers, a microUSB port,and last but not least,the smartphone will have a touch-based back and menu buttons,  and a possible power button.


Then there is the Galaxy Note 3,  which is expected to make its appearance that will feature a very large 5.7-inch 1080p AMOLED screen, a 13MP camera, 3 GB pf RAM and it will supposedly have the latest Android 4.3 mobile operating system. The new smartphone will have several configurations for multiple regions that will include the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and a Exynos 5420 processor. Remember these are all being reported as rumor so expect full additional information from Samsung in the coming weeks,stay tune.


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