Mozilla In The Works In Developing Windows 8 "Modern Interface " Edition Web Browser

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If you like Windows 8 or hate it,Microsoft is slowly reaching its goal with it "Metro" UI influence throughout the tech industry.You are gradually starting to see a handful of software vendors shape their applications to match Windows 8 UI. The latest to join this craze is Mozilla, known for creating the Firefox web browser. Coming  this December,Mozilla will roll out an updated version of Firefox sporting a Modern UI look and feel.

The name of the new FireFox upgrade will be name,you guessed it "Firefox Metro" development has already begun with Firefox 26 for Windows. The optimized browser is scheduled to reach Mozilla's Aurora channel coming this Sept 16th and the Beta channel on Oct 28th. Users will have first dibs of the updated build as early as next month.

I for one is not a big Firefox user (Though I have it on my computer) this is interesting how Mozilla will cater its entire web browser to Windows 8 users.Tell me what you think,if you're not a Firefox user will the new Metro built web browser sway you to use Firefox full time? Leave you comments in the box below.


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