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5 Paragraphs Or Less: How to Correctly Buy New( RAM) Memory For Your Computer

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One of the fastest components in your computer believe it or not is your RAM, its actually faster than your processor and your hard drive. Not only is it the fastest piece of hardware in your computer,but it also the cheapest and easiest piece of hardware to install or upgrade. Just open up your computer,stick the RAM stick into your DIMM slot and a way we go,your computer now has upgraded RAM.But do you know how to correctly buy the right RAM for computer. One of the biggest mistakes people make is installing the wrong type of RAM. You have to buy the right type of RAM to match your system capabilities. To put it simple,don't mix match different  RAM speeds or different storage capacities. In this installment of 5 paragraphs or less, I'll quickly show how to buy RAM for your computer.


What is RAM? RAM is acronym for Random Access Memory which is form in a small  rectangular green circuit board with memory chips and integrated circuits,each has a different value or capacity.The boards are commonly referred to as sticks (or as I like to call it RAM sticks). The first thing you have to do is find out how much RAM you currently have in your system. Simply go the Start>>Control Panel>>System. This will bring up a window that is headed with basic information about your system. At the very bottom it will show your computer's main hardware specs such as the OS type,processor speed and then there's the memory (RAM), this will tell you how much RAM your computer currently have.You'll see this type of system information setup also in Apple computers.

This next paragraph is important so please read carefully,you must know your RAM.The cards come in sticks of 1GB,2GB and what you see in most systems today a 4GB stick.Make sure you don't mix match RAM sticks when it comes down to capacity,if you already have 4GB then the other stick should be 4GB. Mix matching RAM with different storage capacities will force the system to choose the lower capacity. It is also important that you also match RAM speeds,mix matching RAM speeds will cause system instability,lets say the stick is 1600MHz,the other stick should have the same exact speed,which is 1600MHz.

If you're not to sure what type of RAM you need for your computer,there is a free software you can download which is a tool provided by Cruical which a manufacturer that also make storage devices and RAM.The tool basically scans your entire computer hardware and gives a detail accurate read out of your memory. The tool is free an easy to download,just head right over the Crucial website click on memory and click on "scan my system". This tool should help install the right type of RAM into your system.






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