The Trent iGeek- 11200mAh External Battery Charger: The Quick Review

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When I first purchased the Trent iGeek external battery charger I originally set out to get a wireless charger,but those devices can be an expensive proposition.I wanted something cheap yet still get the job done,I also wanted something that was sleek and compact,so compact the external battery charger can fit inside your pockets. As I browsed through Amazon's website,I stumble upon this particular charger,I had my reservations but at the same time I needed a portable external charger which would greatly come in handy when I need a quick charge on my iOS devices when I'm out and about. So I purchased the iGeek battery and the question you might be asking ,does the iGeek external battery charger actually work? Is it worth the purchase? The answer is yes and yes,but there are some drawbacks to this device. Read on.



First off,how does the device work? The iGeek external battery charger is basically a portable charger that can charge all the current generation iOS devices and even charge most Android devices,that simple. The iGeek battery charger encases a Lithium- Ion battery with an amazing 11200mAh that has 500 times the recharge cycle battery life. There is no need for a iPhone/iPad adapter which is probably the devices drawback (more on that later) and is compatible with the original iPhone/iPad data cable. Does the battery charger work,you bet you ass it does,but there are some limitations and drawbacks to this device as I mentioned before.


The problem I have with the iGeek external battery charger is you have to of course charge the battery in order to charge your devices,I would love to see a wall adapter for this device,you instead have to charge the external battery using USB connection via your computer.If you expect the iGeek battery charger to rapidly charge your device,you are out of luck.Even with the use of the iPhone 5 Lightning cable,when I charged my iPhone which was at 80% at the time,it took longer than you would normally you get when charging  your IPhone via the wall socket.Then again to be fair,you have to take into account you are using a portable external charger so you're not going to get the same juice that you'll get from wall socket. Also even though you can connect multiple devices to this external battery,you will not get full charge on all multiple devices that's connected to this battery,it seems you can only charge one device at a time, which makes me wonder what is to point in having multiple USB ports.

All in all, the Trent iGeek external battery charger is a buy if you really need to charge your devices on the go,it does serve a purpose and I love the fact the device can fit nicely in your pockets (that is if you have roomy cargo pants). You can find the iGeek battery charger on Amazon's website retailing at $59.95.