Tekspecz Back To School Tech Guide 2013 Presents : The Tablet

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Ah yes,its that time of year folks,the days are getting shorter,the weather is starting show signs of cooling temperatures (depending where you're located) so in essence this is a sure sign that school is right around the corner.For most people depending on where you are located,school has already begun.But fret not people,with all the high tech gadgets,mobile devices and Ultrabooks on the market,it all makes achieving higher education so much fun and easy. Welcome to 3rd annual  Tekspecz.net Back To School Tech  Guide,in this installment of the tech buyers guide,we take a close look at the best tablet that's on the market. More and more colleges and high schools are using tablets in the classroom. In this installment of "Back To School Tech Buyers Guide" we take a look at some of the top tablets in the tech game.

The Best 10-inch Tablet Money Can Buy: The iPad


By far the best 10-inch tablet on the period.If you're looking for a 10-inch tablet the iPad is it,especially the 4th generation model with its retina display,even the 2nd generation tablet would still be a good buy.

Price Point: $499 to start

Honorable mention: Nexus 10


If it weren't for the retina display on the 4th generation iPad,the Nexus 10 would probably be on par with the iPad.Though the iPad has the slight advantage with a diversity of applications on its app store,the Google Play app store is rapidly catching up to Apple which makes the Nexus 10 a good buy.

Price Point: $399 to start

The Best 7-inch Tablet Money Can Buy: The Nexus 7


The Nexus 7 is the perfect 7-inch tablet on the market in terms of design,the build and display ,a very bright display,try a 1920 x 1200 HD display. And getting all of this for a damn good reasonable price at $229,I might add though the Nexus 7 is a Wireless on version.Still and all,its a 7-inch tablet done right.If you want the LTE version,you'll have to wait until Sept when the Nexus 7 LTE should be released to market.

Price Point: $229 to start


Honorable Mention: iPad Mini


Its a nice 7-inch tablet made by Apple,but its not on the Nexus 7 level,at least not yet.We shall  see what Apple has in store for the masses on Sept 10 when Apple is suppose to  reveal the new iPad Mini with retina display. Still in all,its a pretty good alternative to the Nexus 7.

Price Point: $329 to start